I did an Interview at the Aquarian Weekly

I did an interview with Nick Perkel over at The Aquarian Weekly. The AW has been in print wince 1990 and they feature some of the best music in the tristate area and beyond. Nick is a great writer and I think the interview speaks for itself. A big thanks to the entire team over at the newspaper! Click on the image for the online version. 






"True As Time Allows" debuts at #35 on "Roots Music Report"

Earlier this year I sent out my first EP "True as Time Allows" to radio stations across the country. It was well received by many DJ's and ended up on the national Roots Music Report Chart. For a 4 song EP, this is stellar recognition, and something I am certainly proud of.  It  was pretty surreal to see my name ahead of Mumford and Sons for a few weeks! The album also got a fair amount of play reported to the Americana Music Association. Big thanks to all my fans who have never stopped supporting me!


Byron from BWH Music Group wrote an awesome review of "True As Time Allows".

The review has been featured on premiere indie music site "Please Pass the Indie". Byron managed to say something great about each song. Click the image to check it out!

Click the photo to read more!

Click the photo to read more!


I am so happy to share our fist blog feature with you! Kristyn at Left Bank Mag is a great friend and gave us a great writeup! 

All Press is good press, but having said that I got some good press. Please enjoy our newest single "Highwayman" premiering on Left Bank Mag. LBM is an awesome blog on Literature, Art and Music.  I shared some of my thoughts about the song with Kristyn and she found a way to feature the song beautifully. Click on the image for the link! 


My Track "Crown of Rage" received a "Track Spotlight" from music site HearhereNYC.

HearHereNYC is a music website that promotes all music happenings in NYC. It is mostly indie focused. A "Track Spotlight" is what the site uses to give artists a chance to talk about a song. It was a new challenge for me to write something about my work, and I'm super happy with the way it came out. Photo by the inimitable Danna Singer. Click the photo for a link to the writeup.