Trusty Tele

I bought a new Telecaster in August 2015 and put 2500 hours of practice on it since then. It is a 62 reissue and I couldn't be more happy with it. When I first bought the guitar it exposed a lot of mistakes in my playing, I could not for the life of me play very clean at all. It took me a long time to fix some of the string talk in my playing.

 I like to say that the telecaster is the ak47 of guitars-you can bury one in the backyard and dig it up 4 years later and it will still be in fighting shape. My favorite Tele players are Roy Buchanan and Roy Nichols, both used maple fretboards but after picking up my Tele I think I'm a rosewood guy! Something so comfortable about the neck, and it doesn't get sticky like the maple ones do. The only problem with it is the single coil pups growl like crazy and that can be distracting. The bridge is more like a Stratocaster bridge, there are 6 separate saddles which make it pretty awesome for setting it up the way I like it. The action is low which makes those big bends bottom out a bit-but for some of the country shred stuff I am completely into it. You can see it in full effect below!

Cancion Franklin